Niklas Förster has been working as a commercial photographer since 2012 with a focus on emotional storytelling.Through his work as an art director at renowned agencies such as TBWA\, Scholz & Friends, BBDO and DDB, he thinks far beyond the pure image. In recent years he has worked for clients such as Meßmer, Dallmayr, LichtBlick, Postfinance, Tui and Ersaco, to name a few. He also has a great deal of expertise in the field of accompanying shoots and is called the “stopwatch photographer“ by some directors.
Communication Design / Photo Design (University of Wuppertal, University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf

Clients . Published . Exhibited
ROBINSON Club, TUI, Meßmer, Made auf Veddel, Kaufhof, Hochland, Hohes C, Heimbs/The Table, Sibilla Pavenstedt, Weihenstephan, Die Welt, Erasco, Kaltblut Magazine, Fuuucking Young Magazine, Adon Magazine, Vangardist Magazine, The Fashionisto, DRECK Magazine, HUF Magazine, Henkell-Freixenet, MS ARTVILLE, Asym Magazine, Sweet Paul Magazine, Jahrbuch der Werbung, LichtBlick SE, Saint Brand, PostFinance, Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung ...